This past summer, I had the opportunity to Ride-Along with Kalley. There hasn't been a time when I've learned more by explanation and example.

Riding Kalley's horses gave me the opportunity to feel what the movement is supposed to feel like which helped me use the proper cues and position.

I was able to take my horse with me for Kalley to ride and train. I gave her a horse we nicknamed "The Couch" because he was so stiff in his movements. When I got on him after only one week with Kalley, I couldn't believe what I felt. He had become smooth, supple and so easy to ride. That's when I learned when the horse learns to use his body, he becomes the horse of your dreams!

I advise my friends, no matter the age, take advantage of the opportunity to ride with Kalley. Another huge plus is, Kalley is really fun to ride with and LOVES the horses!

- Caralee & “Joey"

I just wanted to share the unbelievable experience you allowed Gracie and I to have with you. I came to you for help and what you gave me back was a willing partner and the education to keep her mentally and physically sound.

My original conversation started with; if you cannot settle Gracie's emotional issues, explosive dangerous reactions to life; I wanted to put her down for her safety and mine. I gave her to you to save her for me. After the first few days and through some sad tears you started to see a change in Gracie. Over the next several weeks, I watched a reactive horse slowly starting to become a willing partner. She was becoming a horse.

Next, began my education... I have never had a trainer that would ride my horses, much-less have me ride their horses. Wow, what a chance in a lifetime to ride all of "Kalley" trained horses. What a blast and what improvements I saw in myself, after the awkward few days. 

Well, after two months I was begging for more time with you, but you turned me loose with Gracie. OMG, what a change in my ability and hers. We simply clicked. Gracie is settled, in her way, and I have the awareness to help her through the hard parts. We are consistent in what we do together. I have a light, soft, round, flexible trained horse. Amazing to know she has all that and I'm lucky enough to ride her.

I will never forget to ride Gracie like she's yours and love her like she's mine. I will cherish the time you shared with me, the education and the magnificent horse you handed back to me.

I will always be in your debt. You are truly the most amazing horse person I have ever known and after almost 50 years of riding horses, horse shows, and lessons, you are the top of the top. Your heart, love for the horse and your ability sets you in a class by yourself. You and your parents should be extremely proud of your accomplishments.

If there is any way we can encourage you to move back to Florida please let me know. California is lucky to have you.

Thank you for sharing your love and knowledge of the horse,

- Claudia & Gracie Milton

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