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3-Day BHT Advancing ​​Clinic

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There are very few  trainers with the expertise, passion, and experience who can build what Kalley can build into a horse; she builds a great follower. With focus on building obedience, trust, respect and willingness into all stages of a horse's training, her horses are interactive without being pestiferous. They become calm and willing partners with a firm understanding of the human world that surrounds them. It is her personal mission to help a horse find contentment in whatever it is that they do, whether it be traveling down a trail, running full speed down a polo field, or focusing their effort on a complex collection maneuver. With 25 years of training experience that ranges from jumpers to polo horses, from reiners to ranch horses and even dressage, Kalley pulls knowledge from a wide array of competitive fields, allowing every horse to benefit from her diverse background. The core of Kalley's training program is rooted in the philosophy of balance, centered around the individual needs of each horse she touches. She operates with code of ethics she has developed over the years. The combination of this code of ethics and balanced training approach  allow her to access the potential of the horse, without compromising the integrity of that individual, mentally or physically.
-Training Focuses Offered
Ground Work:
1) Jump Start Training (curriculum for pre riding age)
2) Liberty

3) Problem Horses

1) Colt Starting
2) Fundamental/Functional Riding Skills
3) Advanced Body Control and Collection
4) Problem Horses

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This is an entry level course into Kalley's training program and is based on the Fundamentals she builds into all of her personal horses and horses in training. Establishing a foundation in her training philosophy and basic techniques allows everyone to reach a level playing field in preparation for advancing exercises and maneuvers to optimize your horse's understanding and athleticism. Kalley helps you to find the willing athlete in all horses. In most cases, the day's schedule consists of groundwork in the morning and riding in the afternoon, depending on interests of students. The BIGGEST and most important difference that sets Kalley's clinics apart from all others, is that she focuses on training the horses first, while simultaneously coaching the riders/handlers on how to get the responses they are looking for from their horses. Kalley handles and rides EVERY horse in her clinics. This hands-on approach allows her to facilitate the learning of both you and your horse through a wise, experienced and insightful process that she talks through in real time, helping horses and riders advance together like never before. You'll learn how to get your horse steering, rating and stopping better. In addition, you will begin to learn how to gain access to your horse's body through more precise communication that focuses on establishing or deepening your horse's understanding. You will also learn exercises that will directly impact your horse's response and understanding of your bridle or bitless bridle. It is a clinic like none other, that promises to satisfy anyone looking to advance their skills.

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This course is designed for people who have already been through Kalley's Fundamentals clinic, ensuring that everyone is "speaking" the same language and is able to continue moving forward. Clinics are always tailored to the specific interests of the participants and can be set up in the same format as the 2-day clinic depending on the interest of participants (ground work/advancing liberty in the morning, and then riding in the afternoon). The riding dives right into body control and collection. Kalley helps motivate the dull horse, and calm the worried horse with collection. You'll learn about bit response and what you should expect and feel for in your horses. You'll learn how to use your hands and legs with more consistency and more precision. You'll learn how to gain access to the 3 regions of the horse's body that Kalley believes are critical for advancing understanding and control. The combination of information gained by you, and training received by your horse, will give you the tools to experience the ride you've always been wanting, working towards,  and hoping for.  You will not be disappointed and your horse will be thankful for it! From theory, to exercises and examples, Kalley will help open a world of possibilities for you and your horse.

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​2-Day BHT Fundamentals Clinic


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